Nourish, protect and cherish the skin you live in

Nourish, protect and cherish the skin you live in

Message from Dr. Young

Are you using a face and neck sunblock protectant on a daily basis?

If not, you’re not alone. The majority of Americans believe that sunblock is only required on hot summer days.

That belief, my friends, is absolutely false.
Just a few minutes traveling to and from your car can cause irreversible sun damage that will likely haunt you in the years to come.

The majority of skin types, especially in our region, are highly sensitive to the damaging effects of the sun. This is evidenced by increase in discoloration, wrinkling, sagging, broken capillaries, dryness and of course skin cancer.

It is thus, with great passion, that I strongly encourage all my patients to simply adopt healthier habits of loving and caring for your largest organ… the skin.

Skin cancer, now considered an epidemic, appears to be the end result of a combination of factors prevalent in our region including excess ultraviolet exposure, Nordic genes and a longer expected lifespan.

Every one of my patients are constantly reminded that they need to utilize sunblock to daily protect their skin. Although ideally this would include protecting their entire Integumentary system, I plead that, at the very least, you protect your face, ears, and neck with sunblock 365-days-per-year.

A hat is also optimal for those that spend time outdoors but is not a replacement for a physical sunblock agent.

I favor a PHYSICAL sunblock agent for everyday use on these delicate areas for all skin types (even the most sensitive skin or rosacea skin types).

If you feel you simply skip facial sunblock because “it’s greasy and gets in your eyes,” you should know that extremely elegant and tear-proof formulations are now available.

For elegant and effective options, see my products or speak with a representative. Let’s take a pro active role against the aging and damaging effects of the sun!

Complimentary skin product consults are available daily. Nourish, protect and cherish the skin you live in.

Thank you,

-Dr. Vassilia Young

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