Acne – the gift that keeps on giving

Acne – the gift that keeps on giving

Acne is something most of us struggle with. Whether you’re 13 or 31, just getting your period or Menopausal, acne can flare up. You don’t want to take systemic drugs to cure a superficial annoyance.

Systemic drugs, like Accutane, for example, have serious side effects.

Accutane was discontinued in 2009. Isotretinoin (its generic form) has been linked to serious side effects, such as depression, suicidal thoughts and inflammatory bowel disease.

Sulfa drugs can dehydrate you and leave you more susceptible to sun-intolerance.

So what’s a person to do?

Try implementing creams, cleansers and topical agents.

Here are some great examples:

Cleansers (w or w/o Salicylic Acid)

  • Antisepation Cleanser- Non-drying, antimicrobial cleanser that kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds
  • Glymed Purifying Cleanser– Ultra-gentle cleanser that instantly dissolves makeup and daily accumulations of oils and environmental debris on the skin
  • Glymed Sal- X Exfoliating Cleanser-Micro-beads enhance the exfoliation power of 2% salicylic acid
  • Dawn Lorraine Fruit Acid Cleansing Scrub– Rejuvenating, Purifying and Smoothing. Contains salicylic, Kojic and fruit acids, cranberry, citrus, jojoba beads, fruit fibers and pumice to exfoliate the skin gently but effectively


Creams and Serums that contain Glycolic Acid

  • Glymed Treatment cream– Power packed with 15% Glycolic Acid, which stimulates collagen and elastin below the skin’s surface and corrects free radical damage, deduces fine lines, wrinkles and scaring.
  • Glymed AHA accelerator– A light weight serum containing two natural alpha hydroxyl acids- glycolic and lactic acid. AHA Accelerator is great for the treatment of acne, photo-aged skin and hyperpigmentation.


  • Jan Marini Age Intervention Retinol Plus and MD– Highly concentrated all-trans-retinol that is combined with advanced peptides and antioxidants. This cream is integrated with soothing and hydrating ingredients to help balance the skin as it generates cell growth and repairs damaged cells.


  • FarmHouse Fresh Pajama Paste Mask– This instantly cooling, deeply soothing mask tightens and reduces redness, leaving the skin looking calm and fresh. Bentonite clay reaches deep into pores, pulling out impurities as it dries.
  • FarmHouse Fresh Splendid Dirt Mud Mask– This instantly refreshing masks contains 12 potent ingredients the purify congested skin and improve oxygenation. Clay and pumpkin enzymes naturally deep clean the skin.
  • Glymed Acne Mask– Contains salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acids and the healing powers of tea tree oil. This Kaolin Clay masque purges impurities from the skin and drastically reduces oil and blemishes.


These are some of Dr. Young’s favorite products. To schedule a complimentary skincare assessment with Dr. Young call 605-341-5565 or visit.



Dr. Vassilia D. Young received her undergraduate degree from Minot State University in North Dakota and her MD from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. She currently practices as the head dermatologist at Black Hills Dermatology in Rapid City and Spearfish, SD. She specializes in Mohs surgery as well as a variety of laser and cosmetic procedures.

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