Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Tired of daily shaving routines?
Want smooth legs, arms, underarms and bikini?
Need to improve ingrown beard or “below-the-belt” hairs?

We have your answer:
Laser hair removal

But Doctor… it’s expensive

It’s not cheap, but neither is shaving and shaving you have to do FOREVER. Shaving with cheap disposable razors will cost you about $5,698 in a lifetime (calculations for 37 years). If you use more expensive razors, it costs even more. Click the link for an explanation of the full calculation done by Look Young Atlanta.

Laser Hair removal is a service, now available in most Dermatology practices and quite affordable.

4-6 treatments are usually necessary/recommended to remove 80% or more of your hair.

Isn’t it risky?

If it’s done by the wrong person, YES. Do not let just anyone perform this procedure. Ensure that they are licensed and experienced nurse practitioners or doctors (NPs or MDs).

For example:
Scars, burns and blisters or skin infections are typically not a side effect of laser hair removal. However, if the practitioner makes an error, these may occur.

Skin discoloration is most likely to occur in darker-skinned. If your experienced practitioner thinks you may develop permanent skin-color changes, they may advise against the procedure.

Read more about risks at Medical News Today.

Laser hair removal in the right hands is a safe and extremely effective way to remove unwanted dark hair from almost any area of the body.

But will it actually work for me?

It can work for anyone.
Our Gentlemax laser, for example, can now treat safely almost ALL skin types. However, the darker your hair is, the more likely it will respond to laser hair removal.

Please take caution with your provider if your hair is very light (blonde or gray). Ensure they are taking the necessary precautions to protect your skin.

Your location should provide a test area treatment for a nominal cost to any individual who is concerned about the result of the treatment or about their skin’s tolerance to it.

If you’re local to South Dakota and would like to schedule a complimentary consultation, our state of the art lasers now utilize a large spot size, further making this a quick, safe and easy service.

For a more detailed discussion of this procedure and/or to obtain your individualized treatment plan with a full cost quote call:


Ask for an appointment with Julie Klein, CNP or Ericka Privitt, CNP.

About the Author:



Dr. Vassilia D. Young received her undergraduate degree from Minot State University in North Dakota and her MD from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. She currently practices as the head dermatologist at Black Hills Dermatology in Rapid City and Spearfish, SD. She specializes in Mohs surgery as well as a variety of laser and cosmetic procedures.


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