Outdated tattoos troubling you?

Outdated tattoos troubling you?

Whether it was a wrong decision on a night out, a past you need to move past, or simply a tattoo that you have simply outgrown, modern technology can help!

Performed by Dr. Young, laser tattoo removal has become a very popular treatment here at Black Hills Dermatology.

Employing one of the most effective lasers on the market, we slowly erase what is no longer acceptable or wanted by her patients as a form of self expression.

Multicolored tattoos to include black blue green colors are best targeted by our Alexandrite laser and provides a step by step approach to safely and quickly remove tattoo pigment.

How does this magical weapon do just that?

Wavelength specific laser energy is targeted toward the tattoo pigment crashing the particles into smaller units which are subsequently cleared by the body’s lymphatic system.  It is for this exact reason that Dr. Young recommends and performs step-by-step treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart allowing the body’s cleanup apparatus to complete the job.  Less frequent treatments are also possible and may be performed when needed to accommodate patients’ financial needs.

Tattoo removal is not an overnight process and multiple treatments are necessary to achieve clearance the number of treatments vary from one individual to another and depend on amount of tattoo ink present, depth of pigment deposition, colors utilized and of course individual response.
Although possible, scaring is very rare with careful and judicious use of this laser and indeed very infrequent in our facility.

Unfortunately, this procedure is considered strictly cosmetic and not covered by insurance.
Complimentary consults are available to evaluate your unwanted tattoo(s) and determine a price per treatment quote available.  Schedule your appointment today with Dr. Vassilia Young at Black Hills Dermatology for more details by calling (605) 341-5565


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